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Creative Community Events

Since 2015 Founder and Director Eliza Duenow has been organizing and hosting community initiatives to bring together children and adults with local artists. Halloween in the Old North, sponsored by The ARC, was one of the earliest and largest, and now longest running(!), traditions that has grown into an incredibly impressive grassroots community event! Local artists work with Eliza to prepare creative interactive activities and installations, and families come together to celebrate the spirit of the holiday that they love and miss from their home countries. 

The ARC hosts smaller scale Festivals of Lights every December, Fairytale Installations every Purim, and playful installations every May for the annual ArtTour Community Art Festival. This Spring we will introduce a new initiative to bring folks together for another fun shared street wandering experience(!) Stay tuned here~ 

Gallery of Event Images from Halloweens Past~ 


Happy to Donate to our Amazing Halloween Event!

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