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Our Creative Collective

To teach is not to transfer knowledge but to create the possibilities for the production or construction of knowledge. Paulo Freire, Pedagogy of Freedom

A most amazing collection of Teaching Artists, dedicated educators, and the coolest sweetest most creative caretakers in town have blessed us from our humble beginnings joining us in this work. They have been and still are the heart and soul of our programs. They are wildly talented, incredibly authentic, dear, brilliant peoples.  I love them all. Past and present. The children love them even more!

PHOTO-2021-09-07-15-34-48 9_edited.jpg

Take a peek at some of the amazing projects and programs they are leading across diverse creative arenas, from graphic design, theater and architecture to yoga, naturopathy and healing work. And I'm always happy to help make connections for anyone looking for special services or beautiful artworks for their home or as gifts. We have an incredible pool of talent in this tribe. 

Ashley Sunshine

Aya Asia Shapovalov

Bianca Zaltman Sadcovitz

Carolina Ackerman

Danielle Mccrea

Daniela Abadi

Feu Marinho

Gemma Morgan

Georgia Barnett

Hayley Alexander

Iara Gutenmajer

Julieta Gonzalez

Karine Hoffman

Lily Aronin

Lula Kaczka

Melissa Judith Peltz

Mia Hammer

Michelle Ganane Perez

Moath Azem

Moran Sol Broza

Nicole Cohen Yechezkel 

Rachel Kraft

Rafaela Klinger Kukierkorn

Rena Forester

Ronit Joy Holtz
Sue Li

Tal Malka

Vanessa Fragis

Yael Shira Toren

Ynbal Landesman

Yoel Karmeli

Zo Flamenbaum

Links to the websites and social media pages of our staff will be up soon~

A great teacher isn’t necessarily more patient or proficient at getting information across; he is more likely to understand that getting information across isn’t his primary job.  What matters isn’t how well he holds students’ attention so much as whether he knows enough to stop being the center of attention.” Alfie Kohn  

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