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The ARC offers a new breed of programming for students of all ages, holiday camps for children, family workshops, creative resources, and educational training and coaching in creative contemplative pedagogy and mindful making with children. Staffed by a team of talented international and local Teaching Artists and practitioners, all are professionals in their fields and experienced and passionate educators. Founder Eliza Duenow serves as Director and Lead Artist Educator.

The ARC is a multi-potentiating acronym standing for "Arts aRe Community" or "Arts aRe Consciousness" with the ‘R’ also being a placeholder for Rallying/Rousing/Revisioning/Raising/Revitalizing/Realizing.

The ARC is dedicated to offering playful arts explorations, mindful multidisciplinary activities, nomadic urban discovery experiences, nature explorations, and creative community building. Programs are infused with project-based teaching and value-based learning, and are informed by a range of alternative pedagogies, focusing on mindful-attuned practices, emergent curricula and child-centered projects.

The ARC prioritizes open-ended modes of learning, encouraging play-based approaches to project materials and ideas. The ARC's core vision champions connection-based work with children and celebrates "process over product". All of our programs focus on supporting children's social and emotional growth and natural development of executive functioning skills through small group work and playful experiences of "Practicing Presence"™. Our work is scaffolded with NVC informed boundaries and trauma-informed mindful regulation practices.


We hope to nurture "Creative Consciousing"™ through new ways of being, seeing, hearing and doing. And via these new ways, we aspire to encourage a new generation who feel empowered and free to be more bold and innovative in their expression. We help children find and explore their voices and understand the potential of their making and the impact of sharing their authentic selves in the world.

"The object isn't to make art, it's to be in that wonderful state which makes art inevitable." 
                                                          Robert Henri
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